About VideoPak

VideoPak is a registered trademark for Amstore Innovation. We have offices around the world including VideoPak New ZealandVideoPak South Africa, Germany, USA and Hong Kong.

  • VideoPak represents the fusing together of Amstore Innovation’s core business competences: packaging and digital media technology. It combines print with audio & LCD screen technology
  • It’s a high quality premium product that’s designed to communicate key AUDIO / VISUAL messages to important people in a highly engaging way
  • It is a portable device that’s slim and lightweight yet robust
  • A novel and exciting way to promote / market a product or service
  • A rich source of information delivery and a powerful addition to the marketing/ promotional mix
  • Video is a growing medium in our day-to-day lives (e.g. YouTube – with billions of user hits)
  • Print/ packaging has always been a powerful force in retail and promotion and maintains a position in the market where people like to physically “touch & feel”.
  • VideoPak fuses the best of both worlds into a single proposition that truly enriches the promotional mix.

Amstore offers a range of other products and services including: CD DVD duplicationCustom USBPromotional USBs and creative packaging.

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